Rally review dashboard

Reviewing process with Gerrit is very nice until you got more than 100 open patches on review, after that it becomes really hard task.

Fortunately  Gerrit allows you to build custom dashboards that allows to group changes by various criteria like patches that passed CI and don’t have -1 in code review. Making a properly URL that will build custom dashboard is quite hard task, but it can be simplified a lot if you use gerrit-dash-creator. Roman Vasylets did a great job and create a Rally Dashboard url:


Now all patches are grouped! Read more to see how patches are grouped…

Rally Dashboard in nutshell

Critical for next release

As far as you know in Rally we are doing rapid releases (every 2-3 weeks) so cores need to know exactly what is blocking release and what they should review as fast as possible. Now it’s quite simple if patch has been stared by boris-42 and msdubov it will be marked as a critical for next release.

Waiting for approval

Patch passed CI, has +2 from core and doesn’t have -1.

Bug fixes

Project should have as few as possible bugs, so patches that are addressing bugs are very important and they comes just after waiting for approval.

Proposed specifications

All big refactoring and changes in project should be well discussed we are using default procedure for all OpenStack projects called specs. This is sample of typical spec.

Important patches

Everything stared by any of Rally cores automatically is moved in Important patches group.

Ready for review

These patches passed CI and don’t have reviews with -1 mark

Has -1 but passed CI

Sometimes -1 mark is given for good patches by new reviews or some misunderstanding, so we should not ignore these patches but they should have the lowest priority.


It will be nice to compare in about half an year how throughput of the core team has changed after this drastically improvement of the review workflow. I believe we will see huge improvements.

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