The simplest way to use OpenStack python clients

OpenStack is great but as all young projects it has some UX issues. One of the most user facing is initialization of OpenStack python clients. Every OpenStack Service like Nova, Cinder, Glance have own.

Since the begging in Rally we have internal class that unifies initialization of all clients. Recently we merged patch that allows to init this class from environment variables, which makes it really simple to use OpenStack python clients. Take a look at code snippet below:

boris@ubuntu:~$ . devstack/openrc admin admin

boris@ubuntu:~$ python
>>> from rally import osclients
>>> clients = osclients.Clients.create_from_env()
>>> clients.nova().flavors.list()
[<Flavor: m1.tiny>, <Flavor: m1.small>, <Flavor: m1.medium>, <Flavor: m1.large>, <Flavor: m1.nano>, <Flavor: m1.heat>, <Flavor: m1.xlarge>, <Flavor: m1.micro>]


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